As with everything in life, it is important to look at the content you receive when you invest in anything and the quality of what you are getting. Our programme costs more because it has masses of content and instruction included.
You do not need to travel to expensive seminars to learn the work.All that instruction is in the sessions themselves – which is a unique functionality of our syllabus. You save thousands of dollars on airfares, accommodation and seminars.Having said that – seminars are available each year in a variety of locations for both teachers and students to work closely with Christine or another experienced examiner/practitioner of the program. Ask any teacher who has used our syllabus and other syllabi in the past, and they will tell you just how content rich Tapatak Oz is. If you were comparing apples with apples – we would say that we are the best value for money around. Tapatak Oz is content for every level of tap and 25 years of teaching experience in the classroom. It is INVALUABLE! One of our clients recently valued it at over $10,000. But we know that is out of reach for most people. So we offer this incredible package at a very reasonable rate. We are 100% confident that when you acquaint yourself with this vast resource, you will agree that it is an absolute treasure trove and the best value around.