To see exactly what is in each level please go to the FREE SAMPLES for each level, as you will find listed there, an itemised account of what is covered in each video. If you look at them all you will see the progressions that are covered throughout the syllabus. It is these progressions that get the results and provide the cohesion in the program. Enjoy!

Each level has sections that follow through our carefully formulated class structure.
Session 1 in each level – that is JNR ADV1, TEEN ADV 1, PRE SNR ADV 1, SNR 1 – contain all the warm ups and technical exercises for those levels. The session 2’s in each level – that is JNR ADV2, TEEN ADV2, PRE SNR ADV 2 and SNR ADV 2 – contain all the rhythmic combinations, corner work and routines for the level. The syllabus has lots of teaching tips and advice as well, which is great for junior tap staff with less experience in how to actually teach the work. And should you need more assistance or class ideas – simply book a FREE SKYPE session and ask Christine or one of our experienced team for advice.
NOTE: TINY TOTS, JNR BEGINNER and JNR INTER have just one session to cover all aspects of the level.

See the syllabus and samples