Is that my choreography they are doing ? What do I do?

Hello to all and welcome to October 2017, I recently had an email from one of my clients saying that she had been adjudicating a competition and was shocked at all the Tapatak Oz choreography [...]

Weight and wait – two major assets in the tapping genre!

A cheery hello to all and welcome to September's Blog, As I said last month, I have been getting into the classroom a lot lately, as the student -  and as such it has been [...]

To count or not to count that is the question?

A big hello to everyone and welcome back, Can you believe it is August already???? This year has really flown and many of my Tapatak Oz clients are well and truly flying through their year [...]

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Vocal modulation & facial expressions – great skills to harness when teaching!

Hi Everyone, Once again I am inspired to write this blog after working with some younger teachers recently. First of all though, I'd like to say how fabulous it is to have the opportunity to [...]

Tap Tap Tap – The Australian Tap Dance Festival Is Back! And we have a Discount Offer for you!

A big hello to everyone, If you are living in Australia you may have noticed that the tap scene in our great , vast land, has kicked off in a really big way over the [...]

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The magic of the dangling carrot…..a classroom revolution!

Hi Everyone, No doubt some of you are bemused my the title of this blog. But let me assure you that no innocent carrots have been injured in the writing of this piece ha ha [...]