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The Art Of Slow – a great technique to add value to your classes.

Hi Everyone, Did you know that tap dancing has its own technique? A technique that requires time to develop - just like classical ballet or contemporary dance. So often I have heard dance teachers expecting their students to perfect the content of the Tapatak Oz program in a fraction of the time I would usually [...]

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VIP Teacher’s Conference January 2019

Hi Everyone, upppps something went wrong yesterday, so I decided to send this blog post again. My apologies!   Just a quick shout out to let you all know about our VIP Teacher's Conference in January 2019. January 22nd - 24th @ Promenade Dance in Kedron, Brisbane - QLD. This really is a must if you [...]

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Tapping Into The Future with Tapatak Oz!

Hi Everyone and welcome back, HAVE I GOT SOME EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU!!! Tapatak Oz is on the move with a new vision for 2019 and beyond! Over the past 10 years I have been watching the development of the Tapatak Oz Program and am thrilled, surprised, and delighted by where it has gone. The [...]

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