Hi Everyone,

Did you know that tap dancing has its own technique?

A technique that requires time to develop – just like classical ballet or contemporary dance.

So often I have heard dance teachers expecting their students to perfect the content of the Tapatak Oz program in a fraction of the time I would usually recommend – so it got me thinking that perhaps teachers who are less familiar with tap dance and its requirements may not realise the skills and fundamentals needed in this particular genre.

There are very specialised techniques employed in the art of tap dance and these are visual, technical and rhythmical. With all three aspects requiring equal understanding and practice to perfect.

And this takes time.

Learn more about it here in this small clip and how I am spearheading a campaign to get back to The Art of Slow!

Good things take time and tap dance is no different.

So – enjoy this clip and give it some thought for your own dance school going forward!

Link to YouTube video

When you allow your teachers and students time to really enjoy the process of learning the rewards are immense.

Love Tap and Pass It On

– Christine –