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Created by well known Australian Tap Dance Specialist Christine Denny – this amazing programme was tried and tested in classrooms all over Australia for over 25 years – and now it’s being used all over the world!

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“ I have only begun to watch the videos, but am ecstatic about what my students and I are going to learn from you! I tried the tic- toc circle with my younger tappers last night and they loved it!! ? We currently use another syllabus and like it a lot – but I think your syllabus will be the missing piece to our tap curriculum. It’s just what we need to revive our excitement for tap. ”

Carla Mullendore, Dancer Strong – McKinney, Texas – USA

“Tapatak Oz is a content rich, inspiring and modern tap dancing syllabus . Christine has certainly packed in her 20+ years of tap dancing experience into this complete training program. During my time running DanceLife I had never come across a person with such an extensive knowledge and passion for the tap industry. Regardless of the size of your dance studio, having Tapatak Oz as your tap syllabus will not be a decision you’ll regret!”

Clint Salter, CEO of Dance Studio Owner’s Association [ DSOA ] and Founder of DanceLife

“I have known Christine Denny for nearly 15 years. She is highly regarded in the entertainment industry for her incredible tapping ability and is without doubt a leader in the field. Her absolute brilliance in tap education is extraordinary.”

Nathan Wright (Choreographer), West End choreographer, Xanadu Australia ( Choreographer ),The Great Gatsby (Associate Choreographer), The 40th Anniversary Production Of Rocky Horror Show, London 2012 Olympics Mass Movement Choreography, Moulin Rouge, Happy Feet

“The Tapatak Oz syllabus is the best investment I have put into our studio….if I was to return to your website to purchase the syllabus I would be prepared to spend anywhere up to $10,000.00 for this product. For me, this isn’t a syllabus, it is a life changing career tool and I just can’t thank you enough for coming with us on this journey as we create tap for the next generation…..I just can’t speak highly enough of Tapatak Oz.”

Douglas McFarland (Director), Laycock St Dance – North Gosford NSW

“I love how the students show their own individuality in their tapping. They have a much better understanding of rhythm and accents using Tapatak Oz. And it’s fun. The students really enjoy it. And at the end of the year they have actually learned something new and productive that they can add into their own choreography. Tapatak Oz really inspires our students and as a teacher I find it a wonderful base for me to explore my own creativity as a choreographer and teacher. We love it!”

Margot McKendry, FAME Talent School – Mackay, QLD

“ Hi Christine,
Firstly I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have purchased some of your material! I have been a tap teacher for over 20 years and this is truly the best tap resource I have ever set my eyes on! (and I am very familiar with most out there on the market)
I love how your combinations are so rhythmical, musical and how quickly my students feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement. It’s always been a fine line to juggle progress and success without some students feeling frustrated and bored with old fashioned music and out dated steps. So your syllabus has been a breath of fresh air! And has put the wind back in my sails, so thank you!”

Kasey Boyd, KC Dance HQ – Belmont, Sydney – AUS

“Christine I am loving every minute of this Tapatak Oz programme – thank you, just what I needed! Doing the happy dance!”

Sherri McGimsey, Morganton, North Carolina – USA

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” Love Tap and Pass It On”


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