Hi Everyone,

Over the past year I have witnessed a huge change in the role of parents within a dance school and this seems to be affecting most studio principals and teachers.

So in 2019 I am recommending that you really communicate your vision to your students’ parents so they really ” get ” what you are trying to achieve in your classes.

As we all know – dance classes are much, much more than than just the steps. And the children are learning a huge raft of skills that will carry through with them into life in general.

So now is the time to let your parents know this!

Do not assume that they ” get it “.

Because believe me – from the conversations I have had with my clients in the past year, it has become clear that in our fast paced world many parents do not truly understand the inherent benefits in their children studying dance.

That have lost that knowledge and connection and it is up to you to bring that back.

They need to understand skills like team work, self confidence, courage, creativity, meeting deadlines etc etc are all part of the package you offer and these skills can really help with issue like anxiety, depression and self esteem that all so prevalent today.

So – here is a little clip I made about this topic.

If you would like to share it with your parents please do.


Link to YouTube video

As you can see – Tapatak Oz has developed in so many wonderful ways and one of those ways is as a vehicle to develop your students’ confidence, courage, creativity, self esteem and sense of self!

And like I said – it’s of utmost importance that your parents understand this too – as it’s a huge part of our philosophy and program moving forward.

Love Tap and Pass It On!