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Meet Our Vision and Love Your Tapping in 2019!

Hi Everyone, In case you missed it here is a little clip regarding my vision for Tapatak Oz in 2019. Having listened to feedback from our clients over the past few years it is clear that different dance schools have different needs when it comes to the tap program they offer and this is where [...]

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And that’s a wrap! Welcome to all our new teachers!

Hi Everyone, Wow - that was a sale and a half ha ha ah ha! A huge congratulations to all of you who took us up on our offer of a $1,000.00 discount! May you enjoy every moment of your Tapatak Oz Experience wherever you are in the world! We are so thrilled to have [...]

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Final 24 hours of our sale!

Hi Everyone, This is it! In 24 hours this sale will be over. Usually $2,477.00 For 24 hours more you will pay only $1,477.00 for our Complete Tapatak Oz Program. That's 12 tapping levels and oodles of content to keep all your tap students going for years. Just click here: It really is that [...]

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Only 3 days left to make huge savings!

Heh heh heh Everyone, Our famous November Sale: Splendour in November is in its last 48 hours! So Don't Miss Out! Save an incredible $1,000.00 NOW! It is hard to believe but it is true. Just click here and get instant access to your files: Would you like to streamline your tap department so [...]

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Get your parents on board and watch your studio fly!

Hi Everyone, Over the past year I have witnessed a huge change in the role of parents within a dance school and this seems to be affecting most studio principals and teachers. So in 2019 I am recommending that you really communicate your vision to your students' parents so they really " get " what [...]

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Splendour in November Sale Is On Now!

Heh Everyone, Well it is that time of year again! Time for our famous Splendour in November Sale! For 2 weeks only you can save over $AUD 1000,00 on our complete Tapatak Oz Curriculum. That's right .......but it only happens once a year. Usually $2,477.00 Now the complete curriculum is only $1,477.00 Just click this [...]

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