Hi Everyone,

Wow – that was a sale and a half ha ha ah ha!

A huge congratulations to all of you who took us up on our offer of a $1,000.00 discount!

May you enjoy every moment of your Tapatak Oz Experience wherever you are in the world!

We are so thrilled to have you with us for 2019!

If you are in Australia or New Zealand – remember that you can join us for our VIP Teacher’s Conference for three days in 2019.

Dates are: January 22nd – 24th in Brisbane – QLD.

Venue: Promenade Dance in Kedron

Tickets are on sale now via Sticky Tickets and here is a link for booking for you: http://bthe.re/tapatak-oz-vip-teachers-conference-2019

This is a fabulous opportunity to go through all the content and get familiar with all our ideas, updates and philosophy prior to starting for the year.

Thanks for your support and love of tap dance.

Love Tap and Pass It On!

– Christine –

PS: If you have not received your files – please check your junk folder!

PPS: If you have any questions – please email info@tapatak-oz.com