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I thought you might like to see the routine that I did in class for The Australian Dance Festival in Sydney, Australia yesterday. We only had one brief hour to do a warm up and then piece this together – so everyone did really well. Especially the younger students, some of whom had never tried work this rhythmically complex before.

But they strapped on their shoes and gave it their all, which was wonderful to see.

We had two packed out classes and it was an absolute blast.

So many students just loving their tap and lots of familiar faces too around the event which was great. Teachers and students all loving the opportunity to do so many different classes. This year the festival had a whole day of TAP which was great, so students also had the opportunity to take class with Aussie  Tap Legend – Christopher Horsey

[ The Original Hot Shoe Shuffle and The Tap Pack amongst other things],  the amazing Sean Robinson [ The Australian Tap Company and Tap Dogs ] and the fabulous Jesse Rassmussen [ The Tap Pack ]

So everyone’s feet certainly got a workout and that floor was singing by the end of the day.

You can check out my routine here and try it out yourself in your own tap classes:


You will see that the opening sequence is in three groups with a cool cross rhythm and then we go into a section where we are all tapping together. This has a really cool sound and ultimately you want your students to use their arms to show off  their contribution to this rhythm too –  and then interact with the other groups around them with passion and excitement. The aim is that we see and hear that human orchestra, building the rhythm.

And then  – Kaboom – we are all tapping together in unison.

If done properly, building a rhythm like this can be incredibly powerful and exciting in a routine. But that interaction, energy , commitment and personality is key – alongside great use of accent and unison to punch home the rhythms clearly.

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