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I do not hold any dance qualifications. Can I still buy a Tapatak Oz syllabus?

Yes you can. At Tapatak Oz we believe that people gather their dance skills in many different ways, with some people holding “official qualifications” and others gaining their skills through a lifetime of experience. Some of our clients are professional performers who also teach, some have tapped all their life, some are less experienced in [...]

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Do you offer teacher accreditation?

Yes we do – however we do not require teachers who use our programme to hold this qualification to teach our program – rather it is an added qualification they can undertake should they choose. Our Tapatak Oz teaching qualification requires the candidate to sit an exam to show their competence in teaching the work [...]

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I have bought one of the single packs (Junior, Senior or Adult Beginner) but now want to upgrade to The Complete Tapatak Oz syllabus. Do I receive a discount?

If you contact us via email at we will be happy to organise a deal for you based on your own individual circumstances. But if you have started purchasing in single lots / levels - we recommend you just keep continuing on buying your levels one at a time to suit your needs.

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