Hi Everyone,

No doubt some of you are bemused my the title of this blog. But let me assure you that no innocent carrots have been injured in the writing of this piece ha ha ah ah.

I would never suggest anything untoward in a tap class of course – but what I do suggest is finding the element in your class that the children LOVE THE MOST and then saving that little snippet of tap juiciness till the very end of the class.

Save it as a reward of sorts!

A big juicy carrot that your students only get if they concentrate and get through all the other work you have planned for that lesson.

Hence the term ” dangling a carrot” – it really can create a magical kind of focus in class with the really young ones! And let’s face it – holding the attention of your 4 & 5 yr olds can be challenging ha ha ha.

This is bribery and ” carrot dangling” in the nicest and most well meaning of ways!

I am sure that most of you are aware of ” what steps or combinations ” your students like to do the most. If not – find out quickly and add it to your list of carrots.

For any of you out there using the Tapatak Oz programme – this carrot comes in the form of the ” Tick Tock ” Game! A nifty little introduction to the delights of “canon” that keeps the children squealing with anticipation and excitement week, after week, after week.

Quite simply – what a gift this game is!

It never gets old!

It is simply the gift that keeps giving!

For all your junior students, from Tiny Tots onwards – it is the piece of the tapping puzzle that keeps all the children in line and well behaved.


Because they know that if we do not get through all the work planned for the lesson, then we will not have time for the ” Tick Tock” Game.:-(

Let me be clear though – it is never a punishment but rather an unfortunate fact.

He is a typical exchange:

At the beginning of class:

Miss 5 ” Miss Christine – can we play the Tick Tock Game”

Miss Christine ” Of course – we can – I love the Tick Tock Game – but we just have to get through
all our other steps first. We have so many fun new things to learn. What do you
think? Does that sound good?”

Miss 5 ” Okay – that sounds good”

At the end of class, after being a little unfocused and naughty:

Miss 5 ” Can we do the Tick Tock Game now?”

Miss Christine ” Oh – I really wanted to do it, but now we have run out of time, because you all
kept chatting instead of learning those new steps. Never mind – we can do it next
week. But we have to go now. So maybe you can remind everyone next week to
really concentrate on learning the new steps, so we do not run out of time for
” Tick Tock” again! Can you remember for next week. I promise we will do it if we
have time”

You can be guaranteed that Miss 5 will remind all her friends next week to be quiet and learn the new steps and she will remind you of your promise.

Your promise that came with the clever little caveat carrot that said ” if you learn all your new steps”!

Da da!!

Class under control!

So – try this one out for yourself. Simply use whatever it is that your students really look forward to each class. And then be ruthless in not letting them have it if they do not focus in class.

It is a wonderful carrot indeed!

Enjoy 🙂