Hello to all and welcome to October 2017,

I recently had an email from one of my clients saying that she had been adjudicating a competition and was shocked at all the Tapatak Oz choreography that she saw on the stage. In rather recognisable and large chunks!

She wanted to know what I thought she should do?

Should she say anything in her adjudication and what did I think etc etc ?

So it got me thinking about that age old problem of other people ” ripping of your choreography”!

What to do?

Well for me it is quite simple – I just let it go and do not worry about it!


Because of three main reasons:

  1. Tapatak Oz is now a global brand, with hundreds of clients all over the world. And we pride ourselves on the fact that our programme has a very strong choreographic content, that does not look like syllabus work. For those who use it – yes they will be familiar with the combinations and know them to be from our programme – but to the uninitiated – it will just look like cool choreography with cool rhythms.
    [ that is what we would like to think anyways ]. For that reason – I am happy for my clients to use my Tapatak Oz choreography in their performance and concert routines. They have paid for it and they can use it however they like!

2. Being a global brand, there is no way that we can police who is using what,     where – so why waste the time and effort worrying about it? People who use large chunks of the choreography in their routines run the risk  [ increasingly so now ] of coming up against a routine that looks like theirs. So we assume people will weigh up this risk and choose to be a little more creative in blending our work with theirs, for a unique result! You have to assume as well – that people in your area would rather have a unique look and not one that looks like you too! But again – don’t waste time worrying about something you can not police or change! Just do your thing and take it as flattery if people copy what you do 🙂

3. I am used to people plagiarising my work. It has happened for years – both from Tapatak Oz content and also from my own ” choreographic routines” not seen in the Tapatak Oz programme! Again – there is no way to stop it – so I always think it best to just live and let live and let people take that risk! People who know me, can see my style and choreography a mile away and easily recognise it –  and I assume the same can be said for most teachers out there. So again – my advice is to ignore it and focus on what you are doing!

So that is my advice!

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

No-one is ever going to do your work better than you! So – relax, do your thing and don’t worry if someone else jumps on your band wagon!

Love what you do – and do it well! That is all that matters!

Love Tap and Pass It On


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Enjoy 🙂