Well a cheery Xmassy Hello To All,

I really can not believe that it is Xmas time again and I am sure many of you out there are feeling the same way.

So – as you head into the Festive Season – please take some time to simply reflect on your dance year and all you have achieved with your students.

Sometimes we are in such a huge rush jumping from performances, to concerts, to exams, to shopping centre shows, to charity events and fundraisers that we forget to stop and smell the roses.

So – for this Xmas and this newsletter I invite you to simply stop for 10 minutes – sit down  – and reflect upon your greatest achievements in 2018.

It may be a child who finally got a step you had been working on for ages.

It may be a child who finally managed not to cry in class.

It may be a really kind thing that one of your students did for another that filled you with pride.

It may be an amazing performance your students did somewhere.

It may be a trip to Disneyland to perform.

It may be your Xmas Party and the wonderful sense of joy it brought to all the parents at your dance school.

It may be a new teaching technique you started using that really worked wonders in the classroom.

It may be a hand written card a student gave you or a hug from a Tiny Tot dancer…..

All these moments – big and small are what makes the dance year so special……and you create this for your staff and students.

So take 10 minutes or so and really drink in the wonder of the community you create each and every day through your dance studio.

It most likely means more than you know to so many people, in so many ways you may never know.

So – take a bow!

Breathe is all your successes for the year.

And have a Very Merry Xmas indeed!

Relax and Enjoy!

You Deserve It!

– Christine –