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“I love how the students show their own individuality in their tapping. They have a much better understanding of rhythm and accents using Tapatak Oz. And it’s fun. The students really enjoy it. And at the end of the year they have actually learned something new and productive that they can add into their own choreography. Tapatak Oz really inspires our students and as a teacher I find it a wonderful base for me to explore my own creativity as a choreographer and teacher. We love it!”

Margot McKendry, FAME Talent School – Mackay, QLD – AUSTRALIA

margot mckendry

“Tapatak Oz is a content rich, inspiring and modern tap dancing syllabus . Christine has certainly packed in her 20+ years of tap dancing experience into this complete training program. During my time running DanceLife I had never come across a person with such an extensive knowledge and passion for the tap industry. Regardless of the size of your dance studio, having Tapatak Oz as your tap syllabus will not be a decision you’ll regret!”

Clint Salter, CEO of DSOA – Dance Studio Owner’s Association and Founder of DanceLife – NEW YORK, USA

Clint Salter

“I have to thank you Christine, as you were a big part of my tap development and I wouldn’t have had the success I had with my tap adventures without your involvement!! Thank you Ms Christine!”

Matt Lee (Past Student, Pro Dancer), Bert in Mary Poppins ( UK Tour 2016 ), Judge SYTYCD (Australia), Bert in Mary Poppins (Australia), Happy Feet, Hot Shoe Shuffle, Bootmen, Steel City – SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA


“For anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Christine it is very evident that she has an immense passion for the art form. Christine is amongst the most professional & skilled industry professionals that I have worked with. She commands the attention of everyone in the room gaining excellent results with her teaching. I would describe Christine’s content as unique, interesting, detailed and a class act.”

Sarah Boulter (Choreographer), Choreographer: So You Think You Can Dance – Australia & UK, Director, Ev & Bow – NSW, AUSTRALIA

sarah boulter

YES PLEASE – THANKS CHRISTINE: https://sowl.co/usUEk

“Christine has been on the tap scene in Australia as long as I have. Her knowledge and passion for the dance art has never lost its strength and a Tap DVD series is an ideal way for her tapping ‘voice’ to be heard. Christine’s clear and clean approach to rhythms and technique can now be shared by all.”

Chris Horsey, Choreographer DisneyLand Paris Xmas Tap Spectacular 2017, Winner Fred Astaire International Tap Championship, Hot Shoe Shuffle (West End), Tap Dogs (Broadway), Bootmen (Fox Searchlight Pictures) – AUSTRALIA

chris horsey

“The best addition to my new school was introducing TAPATAK OZ! The kids are now so motivated and enjoy the funky music and challenging steps. I’ve seen a HUGE improvement in all my students even after only one term and have enjoyed teaching tap more than ever – I can’t stop smiling when they come in each week and show me the steps they’ve perfected after practicing all week at home!”

Melanie Sokoleski (Principal), The Dance Factory Performing Arts Centre – Kelso, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Melanie Sokoleski

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