Hello hello to all,

Well – we were not going to have a sale this year………but then….

A teacher stumbled upon an old link and got herself a deal…….so we decided to honour that sale and then extend it to everyone else heh heh.

So – if you decide to take this sale price in the next 5 days – you owe it to the lovely Shannon who inspired this Sale Offer for all.

So now without further ado – here it is:

Our February Flash Sale!
On Now!
5 Days Only!
Save a huge $1,000.00
Usually $2,640.00
Now just $1,447.00

Here is a link to the sale: https://sowl.co/XaLxB

That’s our entire 12 tap levels!

Warm ups, technical combos, rhythm combos, a capella combos, time steps, turns, canon, corner work and routines !

And all the progressions from level to level are great too – taking all the guess work out of teaching for you.

Free updates!
Teaching tips are in the videos!
No joining fees!
No pre – requisites!
So – come join our happy tapping family!

Great for new tap teachers, student teachers or huge dance studios looking for a cohesive tap programme.

Our content is vast and challenging – so we are certainly not for everyone!

But if you’re looking for a fun, modern, content rich and rhythmic tap programme that encourages technique, rhythm, creativity, self motivation and individuality- then we could be for you!

Here is that link again: https://sowl.co/XaLxB

If you are not familiar with Tapatak Oz then jump on our website and have a look.

We have a huge tap programme – 12 levels from 5 yrs to pre -professional – that builds from level to level with warm ups, technical combos, rhythmic combos, time-steps, a capella combos, canon work, corner work, turns and routines!

And our tap syllabus is being used all over the globe from Australia – to USA – to Canada – to Paris – to Saudi Arabia – to South Africa – to New Zealand – to the UK.

We have testimonials galore from industry professionals, who have tapped and performed in major musicals and productions all over the world and from teachers from all over the world too: so stop by the website and see for yourself why Tapatak Oz is so popular!

Testimonials here: https://www.tapatak-oz.com/testimonials/

The content is vast and we won’t lie – it does require time, commitment and effort! But if you love tap and you are looking to engage your teachers and students – then our approach and programme could be for you!

So get it now:

Like we said – this is not for everyone!

We encourage excellence, passion, creativity, commitment, self motivation, rhythm, individuality and a true JOY FOR TAP!

If this sounds likes you and your dance school – then take this opportunity and come join our Happy Tapping Family!

Here is that link again:

So get it now! And put the Joy back into your tap classes!

Our Motto: Love Tap and Pass It On!


Because Tapatak Oz was created by a tap teacher for tap teachers.

Not only do you get the content – but you get teaching tips and free updates.

No pre requisites.

No joining fees.

No annual fees.

Just a whole lot of tap!

Each level comes with a video file, MP3 music file and a PDF manual.

Everything is instantly downloadable.

Click the link and add an entire 12 levels of fabulous combos and classes to your tapping bag of tricks:

Like we said ” Love Tap and Pass It On”

The Tapatak Oz Team