A huge hello to everyone and welcome to 2020,

I don’t know about you but I have a huge sense of JOY and OPTIMISM heading into 2020.

So – I trust you are all having a wonderful start to the year too.

This is just a really quick email to remind any of you who are current Tapatak Oz clients that our programme and delivery have changed , grown and developed enormously over the past few years. So if you have not made it to one of our VIP Teacher Events or are not participating in our examination / mentorship programme, than you are most likely missing out on some very cool new teaching ideas and developments.

So – I just wanted to make you aware that there are a few ways you can keep up to date with what we are doing – and some of them are COMPLETELY FREE to all our clients:

1. Firstly – our paid events! Attend one of our events!We have a four day VIP Teacher’s Event in Brisbane, Queensland – Australia every January. Dates for 2021 are January 12th – 15th! This is a fantastic way to energise yourself for the tapping year ahead and it is an excellent way to meet other enthusiastic tap teachers too.This event is teachers only. No students. And we get through heaps! So add it to your diary for 2021 and come meet me in person and see all the cool developments that have been added to the programme over the past few years.

We also have an upcoming workshop in Mackay – Qld, Australia from April 5th – 8th 2020 which is for both teachers and students. Here is a link to that if you are interested:

We shall be covering 11 of our 13 levels at this workshop – so if you have teachers or students wanting to get more familiar with Tapatak Oz this is the workshop to get to.


2. You can join our VIP FACEBOOK PAGE if you are a current client and get heaps of FREE UPDATES to the programme and FREE TEACHING TIPS TOO! It is suggested that you join our VIP Facebook Page to link in with our Tapatak Oz family and see all the updates, advice and snippets we post there for FREE!

Here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1874658719225986/?ref=bookmarks

3. There is a VIP portal on our website that you can also access 24/7 to see FREE UPDATES and TEACHING TIPS. Please email website@tapatak-oz.com to get the log in if you are a current client. Proof of membership may be required.

So – that is it for now.

Given we are all bombarded with so many emails these days I am trying to keep mine to an absolute minimum.

So – enjoy 2020.

Any questions – please email us at website@tapatak-oz.com

Love Tap and Pass It On!