Hi Everyone,

If you are down my way in Australia then you have just had your first week back in your dance studios!

So no doubt you are full of enthusiasm for the year ahead.

Firstly – I trust you all had a fantastic Xmas and New Year and that you are all surviving this heat wave we are having Down Under!

For those of you on the other side of the world – I trust you are surviving the incredible cold and snow we are seeing about the place heh heh!

Wherever you are and whatever the weather – I trust you are tapping up a storm and enjoying 2019 thus far.

And now comes the good news!!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We are having a Start of Year Sale for You All!

A little February FanFare to get the year going!

If you have been thinking about joining our Happy Tapatak Oz Family – but have been a little short on cash – then now is the time to join up!

For 5 days only – or until 4:00pm Monday 11th February Aussie Time – you can save a massive $1,000.00 on our entire curriculum.

Here is an easy link for you now:


So – if you have gotten back into your tap classes for 2019 and thought…….mmmmmm – I’d really like to try something new – now is the time to grab your copy of the Complete Tapatak Oz programme and reinvigorate your tap for the year ahead.

And if you use this link before Monday 11th February @ 4:00pm – you can save a huge $1,000.00!

REDUCED FROM $2,477.00

TO JUST $1,477.00

 An incredible price for an entire life time’s work and tap curriculum!!!!

* all instantly downloadable

* videos / mp3s of the music / pdf manuals for ease in class

*12 levels from 4 & 5 yrs to pre professional!

* progressions that take all the hard work out of classes for you

* oodles of warm ups, combos, routines, corner work, canons

* teaching tips – free updates – free access to our VIP community

* VIP website login for loads of teaching ideas to use with all your staff both experienced and junior

All you need to do is click on this link and SAVE SAVE SAVE!


Tapatak Oz is so much more than a series of exercises and steps.

It is an entire philosophy designed to get your students tapping with quality rhythm and technique whilst also targeting their self esteem, creativity, confidence and self motivation.



That’s the Tapatak Oz difference!

So come join us today and experience the difference for yourself.

PS: Exams also available in Australia and New Zealand.


And if you would like to chat about your particular needs – just email info@tapatak-oz.com to schedule a time for your dedicated call with our Director and Creator – Christine Denny!

Talk soon!

Here is the link for you again  to SAVE SAVE SAVE!


But only till Monday February 11th @ 4:00pm!

Why so cheap?

Because I love sharing this system with as many people as possible.

Because I know dance teachers need a hand sometimes.

Because I see the JOY it brings so many of our tap students all over the globe.

Because our philosophy is so different than other programmes and I want to support children to” feel good about who they are” through their tapping.

Because I love individuality and creativity and self motivation and I want to foster those qualities in both our tap teachers and our tap students

Because I have seen the results of this programme working in classrooms for over a decade – increasing rhythm, technique and self confidence in the students and teachers again, again and again!

So – for one final time – here’s that link:


If you think our programme sounds right for you – GRAB IT WHILE IT”S HOT!

And enjoy bringing a new way of TAP to your dance school in 2019.

 – Christine –