Hello hello to all,

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Today – I just want to share with you a great tip for keeping your children engaged in their tap classes.

And the tip is this…….. when asking the students to perform exercises and combinations one at a time – which I feel is essential in a tap dance class – first of all set up the rest of the class to be holding time with a simple beat, whilst the soloist performs the step.

This works a treat!

For example: your class has just learned ” heels” = heel dig, brush up, step heel = 1&2&

[ in the USA you may call this a paradiddle ]

So – I would have the rest of the class walking or performing ball digs in time, as the soloist does this step = 1 2 3 4

You now have the soloist = 1&2&3&4&
And the group / class = 1 2 3 4

Not only does this create a lovely cross rhythm but it keeps all students engaged as no-one is left out, standing around the room waiting for their turn to solo.

It is really important however, to have all students 100% engaged in this ” time keeping” activity – so if they do not look excited and if they are not looking around at each other in a fun, encouraging, ” jamming” atmosphere, then you need to stop them and start again.

This is such a great tool for class.

It also teaches the importance of holding time – both to the class, who are effectively the time keepers and the soloist as they are tap their step out within that time frame.

I have found that children of all ages truly love this and it allows a lot of repetition in an engaging and fun way.

As you go around the room this approach also teaches ” when to come in ” as each child might repeat the step 8 times and then the next child starts. Again – if they miscount or miss their turn – either start again – or miss them and hold the time. They will soon learn to be ready for their go ha ha ha.

To add even more interest you could add a third part to this system as shown with our first example below:

You now have the soloist = 1&2&3&4&
And the group / class = 1 2 3 4
And extra part = 2& 4& [ this could be another group adding a clapping rhythm ]

Through this the students are now also learning to layer rhythms.

Very cool!

And of course you simply make the top rhythms more complex when the students are more advanced! But remember to keep the base line – the time keepers – simple and clear.

So – there you have it.

A fantastic tap teaching tool to keep your students engaged at any age and level.

So enjoy and have fun!

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Till next time – love tap and pass it on!



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