Hello hello to everyone,

I had such a great response from my last blog that I thought I would put another one out there for you all to enjoy.

So for this blog I want to chat briefly about the use of accent!

For me the use of accent is paramount in creating a full bodied, layered and textured sound. Without it the rhythmic component of the tapping becomes quite bland and not at all nice to listen too.

I am sure many of you have been at comps and witnessed the very popular use of funky music accompanied by bashed and bullied beats that make you feel like you are being hit over the head with a saucepan. It can be equally ineffective when all the beats are so soft they can hardly be heard.

The answer…… a skilful placement of accent!

The beauty of accent is that it highlights the rhythm and gives it colour. The accent allows the rhythm to pop and shine! So I highly recommend that you think carefully about where the accent is placed in all the steps and combos you teach, as explaining this to your students will make a huge impact.

I have found that explaining the mechanics of placing the accent in a step or combo to the class, really empowers them and excites their interest. Suddenly the step and what they are learning has new depth and interest. It is no longer – just the step! And it gives the more advanced students something more to play with too.

A great exercise to demonstrate this is the use of the ” single heel”, ” heels” – or paradiddle!

Firstly teach it the Aussie way = 1 Heel dig R = this has the accent on it
& Brush up R
2 Ball dig R
& Heel drop R

Repeat this 16 times really focusing on placing that accent on the Heel Dig on count 1

Then teach it the American way = 1 Heel drop L = this has the accent on it
& Heel dig R
2 Brush up R
& Ball dig R

Repeat this 16 times really focusing on placing that accent on the Heel Drop on count 1

You then explain how our Aussie version gives the step a very strong and bright sound, whilst in the second version when we start on the heel drop, the accent in that position gives the step a more mellow, laid back funky feel.

The ” Forward and Back” Combo in Tapatak Oz Teen Advanced One also give as great example of the effect changing the placement of the accent has. And with the recent updates – this combo is just super fun. It is one of my favourites and I never tire of teaching it ha ha ha! So you can use that with more advanced students too.

I would also have them create their own combos where they is a change in the accent so they can see firsthand the effect it has.Students love being creative and putting their own ideas forward too – so this is a great class exercise.

So my question to you today is this……. ” Is your tapping canvas full of colour?”

If it isn’t – you may want to spend some time adjusting that and watch the fun begin.

In my experience – a little bit of colour, which in the world of tap = accent, gives a lot of bang for your buck!

So – enjoy!

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So – that’s it for now.

Have fun fun fun!