Hello Hello to All,

Can you believe that it is already the end of March 2020!


So by now the thrill of starting the new year may have well and truly left you ha ha ha and you may be starting to feel a little depleted! So this is the time where you need to be super vigilant with regards to your own energy and the vibe that you are sending out into your dance school and dance classes.

So often I have had teachers tell me that their students are really stressed and worried and anxious etc etc and they don’t know what to do about it.But then I look around that studio and see that it is all coming from the top. That is, the teacher and/or studio principal is stressed and rushed and anxious!

So remember – if you as a teacher are stressed and anxious and uptight then expect your students to mimic that.

The solution is to actively try to leave the stress of the outside world at the door – the same way your would tell your students to do just that. Try to see your studio and your tap classes [ or any dance class for that matter ] as your sanctuary. A place where you can relax, be free and express yourself through the art of dance. And try to encourage this attitude in your students too.

Make their dance classes a place where they can experiment, be free and be safe to try different things.

I think we sometimes forget what a gift it is to teach dance.

We forget that music, rhythm and dance feed our souls.

We forget that to dance is to be free.

We forget that creativity and imagination are life giving and joyful expressions of who we are.

So today – I just want you to pause and think about the environment you create in your dance school and dance classes.

Are you always over scheduled and under prepared for class – rushing in at the last minute to start?

Are you always yelling and screaming and saying hurry up?

Have classes become all about winning trophies and attending comps?

If you are trapped in this loop – you may want to look at some measures to bring more joy back into your classes as this will have a huge impact on your students.

From my own experience, when you are prepared, on time and joyful during class – your students will also arrive prepared, on time and joyful. They will want to be there and they will want to be on time because they know that is the paradigm you have set and expect.

And if you are looking to excel – make it about ” being the best you can be and loving every minute of it” as opposed to winning prizes. This really changes the intent of the classes and everyone can thrive and shine when simply wanting to do their best in a joyful and fun way! And the result may still be ” winning the prize” but the pressure element has been removed!

This is what I call the Ripple Effect!

So be really careful what mood and vibe you ripple out to your students as it will come racing back towards you like a tidal wave ha ha ah ha.

If you have too much on your plate – then let a few things go.

Remember – it is all about quality – not quantity!

So – that’s the tip for today!

Be joyful and happy and prepared in all your classes and watch that attitude come back to you!

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Until next time

Love Tap and Pass It On!