Hello hello to everyone,

I wanted to send you all a quick message of hope and to boost your morale during this challenging time.

Over the past few weeks I have been waiting to see what is truly needed before writing this blog and what I really feel is needed more than anything else this time is MINDFULNESS and SELF CARE!

There are oodles of people and organisations offering free classes and lessons on how to use Zoom and all manner of other online resources etc – but what I feel is truly needed now and what is being missed is mindfulness and a cheery disposition to get you through when things seem so bleak and disorganised.

By now – those of you who are wanting to offer ” online ” classes will have done that – so bravo and well done for adapting to the ever changing landscape we find ourselves in. You may be “Zooming” away or using “Facebook Live” or various other platforms. So first of all give yourselves a pat on the back for getting yourselves organised and online so quickly.

I do not want to make this too long as I feel we are being bombarded with info at the moment so I will simply give you 5 EASY TIPS for improving your situation moving forward:

1. TAKE TIME FOR YOU EACH DAY: this is super important at the moment so make sure you give yourself at least 15 minutes each morning before you start and 15 minutes at the end of each day to simply relax and breathe and calm your nervous system. Just breathe in and out slowly for 15 minutes or listen to some soothing music while sitting quietly. If you are a client – you will see me posting ideas on the VIP Facebook page. If you are not – you can head to my personal Christine Denny Facebook Page and you will find meditations and sound healings I am offering there that you can access and save for your own personal use. It is all free and my way of giving something back. Please feel free to share these with your students and parents too if you feel it would be of assistance to them.

2. TURN OFF THE NEWS: that’s right. I highly recommend that you turn off the news. The constant drone of what’s going on is repetitive and disheartening I find. So turn it off. Check in for 5 minutes at the beginning and end of each day and otherwise – let it go. Watching all that negativity and fear based media over and over is not good for your mental health. So get what you need and get out.

3. QUARANTINE YOUR PHONE AND INTERNET: Again I think it imperative to turn your internet off at anytime when you are not actively using it. get off those facebook threads as they lead you to constantly be looking at reminders of what is going on. Again – it is a rabbit hole that you will quickly find yourself trapped in and heading down down down. So – check your emails in the morning and then get off until you need the internet for online classes etc. Otherwise you will find your time disappearing and nothing will get done in your days.

4. IF YOU CANT CHANGE YOUR SITUATION – CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TO IT: This is one of the wisest things I ever heard and it is so true. So take back your power. We may be powerless as to when this will all end and how it will progress etc. But we have one great power and that is how we choose to react and respond to it all. So if you find yourself talking negatively, feeling depressed, feeling overwhelmed, complaining and whingeing – just stop it! Decide to focus on all the good things around you and choose gratitude for what you do have as opposed to focusing on what you do not have. This is a great piece of advice to pass on to all your studio members too. Take back your power and choose to respond in a calm, grounded and cheerful way. It is all we can do.

5. REMEMBER WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: there should be great comfort in this simple truth as we are all in this bubble together. So make good use of the time and use it to decide exactly who you want to be and how you want to be when this is all over and we all pop out the other end. Some people will choose to fall into a negative pattern of complaining etc and others will use it as a time to redefine who they are and what really matters to them. I have found that I am becoming much clearer on what is important to me and how I wish to be in the world. And you can choose that path too. If you use this as a time of redefinition – both personally and professionally – when we pop out the other end you will be one of those people who feel empowered, enthusiastic and energised – and then the whole experience will have bettered your life and world view. So – be focused and use the time wisely.Really use the time to cut away the things that no longer work for you and to plant new seeds and ideas that really appeal to you and sit well in the reframing of your life and business.

So – that is it from me.

I trust you are all moving through this time well and you are feeling ok.

If you are not doing ok – then please reach out to a friend or loved one or professional organisation for help and reassurance. Or if you feel truly alone – just drop em an email as I am always happy to listen and help where I can.

So – that is it from me.


1. Take time for Self Care each day
2. Turn of the news and or minimalise your exposure to it
3. Turn off your internet when you can
4. Choose an attitude of gratitude
5. Remember we are all in this together and choose to use the time wisely

Till next time

Stay well, stay safe and remain cheery despite it all


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