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Hello? hello…….keep the attention of your class with this easy trick!

Hello hello to all, ...... and a huge welcome to all those teachers who took advantage of our February Flash Sale and saved themselves a huge $1000.00! It is great to have you with us! Today - I just want to share with you a great tip for keeping your children engaged in their tap [...]

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February Flash Sale: Only 1 Day left to Save Save Save!

Hello hello again, Okay then - we are at the pointy end of the stick so to speak! Only 24 hours left in our FLASH SALE! Save a huge $1,000.00 Usually $2,640.00 Now just $1,447.00 AMAZING VALUE! Here is a link to the sale: That’s our entire 12 tap levels! Warm ups, technical combos, [...]

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February Flash Sale! Save over $1,000.00 AUD

Hello hello to all, Well - we were not going to have a sale this year.........but then.... A teacher stumbled upon an old link and got herself a we decided to honour that sale and then extend it to everyone else heh heh. So - if you decide to take this sale price in [...]

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Hello from Tapatak Oz! Are you getting all your FREE UPDATES?

A huge hello to everyone and welcome to 2020, I don't know about you but I have a huge sense of JOY and OPTIMISM heading into 2020. So - I trust you are all having a wonderful start to the year too. This is just a really quick email to remind any of you who [...]

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