Hello to all and welcome back to the Tap Blog,

I have always been a huge fan of promoting and supporting other tappers – both here in Australia, and overseas  – and now it’s time for me to throw my unbridled support behind the fabulous Sydney Tap Dance Festival!

It has been a long time coming – but finally this little known city, in the Southern Hemisphere, has its very own Tap Fest! And what a spectacular backdrop it has too – which is why I think this particular Tap Dance Festival, is one that tappers from all over the world may like to add to their tapping calendar!

I mean – what better excuse to travel to Australia and revel in the delights of this amazing harbour city! And as Aussie Tappers start gaining more and more recognition globally ,it has been perfectly timed with its Inaugural Festival being held last year in 2017!

For the first ever event, the numbers were incredible and the vibe totally unique!

Visiting USA masters Kelsey McCowan and Caley Carr impressed everyone with their super friendly approach that saw them tapping alongside our homegrown line up of teachers including Peta Anderson, Nathaniel Hancock , Thomas Egan, Jack Egan, Jesse Rassmussen, Ritchie Miller and me – Christine Denny!

The man behind this incredibly welcoming and friendly Tap Fest is local Sydney-Sider, Jake Murray and I have to say that he did a stellar job.

I have been to many tap festivals before – both as a participant and as a tutor – and I can honestly say that Jake has managed to create a totally unique vibe, where everyone –  no matter their experience or ability feels welcome. Whether staff or student – everyone was there together – simply loving, sharing and enjoying TAP!

It was stellar from start to finish!

Maybe it was Jake’s Dad firing up the BBQ at lunch time and providing the iconic Aussie treat of a “Sausage Sizzle” that brought everyone together! You really can not beat a sausage on a bun with some fried onions and tomato sauce ha a ha! Or his Mum lending her support to the event and giving it that ” family feel”!

Maybe it was all the staff – including our visiting USA legends, sitting around together sharing a yarn and a snag that made the difference?

[  for those of you reading this who are not Australian – a “snag” is an Aussie word for sausage and a ” yarn ” is an Aussie tale to be told ha ha ha ]

Maybe it was the jam sessions at the end of the day, that were more about sharing a rhythm and an idea than ” outdoing ” the other person that made everyone so keen to join in and have fun!

Maybe it was the passion for tap that everyone exuded as they “Tippety Tapped” around the venue!

Maybe it was the absolutely stellar quality of all the classes, the variety of styles offered and the camaraderie of all the teachers that really shone through!

Or maybe it was just the infectious enthusiasm, welcoming hello, hearty laughter and jovial presence of the man himself – Director, JW Murray that made the difference.

Whatever it was – I can not wait for the Sydney Tap Festival 2018!

The chance to hang out with this incredibly fun and fabulous crowd again and take class with so many inspiring tappers from Australia and beyond!

It is such a great opportunity – so if you are a Tapatak Oz client – I really encourage you to book in now and bring as many teachers and student teachers along as possible. It is such an amazing opportunity for those students and teachers who love tap, to add to their knowledge with the latest and greatest tappers around – and this is the knowledge they can then put to work in all of” their own choreographic elements” of the Tapatak Oz Syllabus!

This is what we are about!

Using the syllabus programme as a base! The place to set up your technique and understanding of rhythms and accents etc. A place to set up your knowledge of how to teach tap effectively. But here is the icing on the cake –  the next generation of tappers giving you the very latest in GLOBAL TAP! This is where you can really take your teaching and tapping to the next level. By attending such an event and incorporating all these new skills into what you already know!

Adding this knowledge to your bag of tricks so to speak!

Do I sound excited?

Ha ha ha – yes I do!


Because I am thrilled to recommend a Tap Festival that is local to my Australian Clients. And the line up for this year is simply smashing!

And to all of  you who are based in other countries – whether you are my clients or not – I highly recommend this tap festival!

Come and sample the delights of Sydney – you won’t be disappointed!

And while you are here – tap up a storm and have a jolly good time too! And be sure to find Jake and say hello – he is a very friendly bloke and will no doubt be thrilled to meet any overseas visitors!

Check out the Sydney Tap Dance Festival Website to book in:


Dates are:Thursday April 26th – Saturday April 28th 2018

A little Tapping Treat for 2018!

Sounds good doesn’t it!!!

And for more info on Tapatak Oz head to: www.tapatak-oz.com

If you’d like to use a tap programme that is all about embracing great technique whilst also encouraging individuality and a connection to the real world of tap – then we might just be what you are looking for!

The chance to use a tried and tested programme, with effective progressions, that get results as the children go from level to level – but that also allows for this creativity and freedom to add your on flavour to all you do!

A programme that allows you to stay connected!

Many dance studios have told us it is so hard to make the change – but they have done it and never looked back.

In fact – most say ” We should have done this years ago”

Anyways – whatever you choose to do:

Love Tap and Pass It On – and get the Sydney Tap Dance Festival 2018!

It is sure to be a corker!