Hello to everyone,

I was recently chatting to a dance teacher about the fabulous skills that tap dancing teaches the younger tappers in any dance schools. She was really surprised at just how much her ” Tiny Tots Tappers” had improved over the year and how much this had impacted upon their other genres further down the track.

She felt that there was a notable difference with students who had been introduced to tap as ” tiny tots” [ 4 & 5 yr olds ]

She also noted that tap teaches the following things really well:

* Rhythm [ this one is obvious ]

* Timing [ again – a ” no brainer here ha ha ha ]

* Concentration [ you have to pay attention to the teacher despite the noise ]

* Discipline [ again – if you can get a room full of 4 & 5 yr olds wearing tap shoes to pay attention then ballet and jazz is a breeze ha ha ha ha ]

* Transference of weight [ stamping is a great way to learn this easily with a flat foot ]

* Energy and attack [ you need a good energy level to get all the beats out clearly ]

* Canon [ little children love this – and the ” tick tock” game is a hit with all our tapping students – teaching them to ” wait their turn” etc and can be used once again in all dance genres.

* Creativity [ tap and the different sounds they can make with their tap shoes really fires up the imagination of little ones ]

And I have to agree with her.

Another thing to remember with your Tinies Department is that whatever you introduce them too as 4 & 5 yr olds – many of them will continue on with into their older dance lives. Especially if your tap teacher loves TAP too.

And finally – there are so many little children out there just wanting to dance and if you give them the added excitement of some cool little tapping shoes that make some pretty cool sounds, your Tiny’s Tap Department may just be choc-filled with happy tiny tappers who will grow up to be your senior tappers of the future.

So when looking to offer classes for your Tinies age group – give tap a serious thought.

In fact – we have had so many teachers contacting us to say how much their Tiny Tappers love TAP – that we have now put together a special TAPATAK OZ TINY TAPPERS BUNDLE to really give the littlest of your tappers an edge and allow those of you who have predominantly the tinies age group in your dance schools the chance to just focus on getting that going.

It is the perfect, cost effective and value for money entry point into TAP and the Tapatak Oz Programme.


It is the first three levels of the Tapatak Oz Syllabus Programme

* Tiny Tots
* Junior Beginner
* Junior Intermediate

Warm Ups, Technical exercises, turning steps, canon games little routines and a whole lot of FUN!

Giving you three years of creativity and quality tap technique in a fun and fabulous programme to take your Tiny Tots through from 4 & 5 yrs through to 6 & 7 yr olds.

Giving you little Junior Tappers who will have all their basics covered. With great rhythm , timing and attack that can transfer over into other dance genres too.

And when you invest in this PACK you save over $AUD100.00 on these three levels. Making it the best value around. Then when you are ready – you can simply add in Junior Adv 1 & 2 if you want to go further. Too easy!

AND – you will have the fabulous ” Tippety Tap ” to use as an ambassador for TAP in your Tiny Tappers Department too. We will send you a PDF to get your Tiny Tappers engaged and expecting the FUN that is TAP!

So it’s time to look at offering tap as a real alternative to your new tinies students coming in to dance for the first time. It certainly teaches many great skills and is lots of FUN too!



PS: ” Tippety Tap ” – says I LOVE TAP !!