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Sending you sunshine through this challenging time!

Hello hello to everyone, I wanted to send you all a quick message of hope and to boost your morale during this challenging time. Over the past few weeks I have been waiting to see what is truly needed before writing this blog and what I really feel is needed more than anything else this [...]

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Joy! Passion! Enthusiasm! What ripples do you send out to your students?

Hello Hello to All, Can you believe that it is already the end of March 2020! Wow! So by now the thrill of starting the new year may have well and truly left you ha ha ha and you may be starting to feel a little depleted! So this is the time where you need [...]

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Accent = Colour! Is your canvas full? Another fabulous teaching tip for you!

Hello hello to everyone, I had such a great response from my last blog that I thought I would put another one out there for you all to enjoy. So for this blog I want to chat briefly about the use of accent! For me the use of accent is paramount in creating a full [...]

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Hello? hello…….keep the attention of your class with this easy trick!

Hello hello to all, ...... and a huge welcome to all those teachers who took advantage of our February Flash Sale and saved themselves a huge $1000.00! It is great to have you with us! Today - I just want to share with you a great tip for keeping your children engaged in their tap [...]

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February Flash Sale: Only 1 Day left to Save Save Save!

Hello hello again, Okay then - we are at the pointy end of the stick so to speak! Only 24 hours left in our FLASH SALE! Save a huge $1,000.00 Usually $2,640.00 Now just $1,447.00 AMAZING VALUE! Here is a link to the sale: That’s our entire 12 tap levels! Warm ups, technical combos, [...]

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February Flash Sale! Save over $1,000.00 AUD

Hello hello to all, Well - we were not going to have a sale this year.........but then.... A teacher stumbled upon an old link and got herself a we decided to honour that sale and then extend it to everyone else heh heh. So - if you decide to take this sale price in [...]

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